Greetings!  Well, it is 2014 and i will have plenty of work to keep me busy. The first volume of my new series A Singularity Rift has been published. (A Plethora of Worlds) As soon as I am through doing some editing on my already published novels (This makes Number 10), I will proof and edit Part Four of The Twisted Earth series. (A more adult and in depth  post holocaust Earth Series.)  The fourth and last part of The Diginoir Quadrilogy will be next after that. Here is to a busy and productive 2014!!!!!

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I do not use anything as fancy as WordPress for composing blog posts; I prefer the written word over a blizzard of animations, photos and videos. Though that means I probably won't gain employment as a paid blogger, I still enjoy the medium for communicating my thoughts or expressing my (usually) black humor. If the date below has changed, that means a new post has been added.

A Jaded Bard - Commentary  from a personal to a global perspective.

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As stated before, I enjoy the written word and have an excellent command of the English language. Are you a foreign business entity seeking to reach the American market with an English website? Or perhaps you have an important paper that needs an objective proof reading eye? I can be of assistance in this regard for a reasonable fee. Click here for more information.

About this site. I am a writer who currently offers my books for sale on Amazon in Kindle Format. While the Books link lists all of my published novels, the links to the left can be used to access them by the series to which they belong. Happy Reading!