Welcome to my website!

I still am finding it hard to believe I am sixty years old now but the math never lies. I have had some sort of website up since 2000 or so. It was but another challenge to be conquered. For some reason, I don't like coding. What I visualize something to be almost never turns out the way I want. As such, I am beholden to those making these templates. With the back end work done, I can more easily form my vision. 


I was born with a stainless steel spoon in my mouth. My youth was formed on two main concepts. I was hyperlexic (Reading at 2) and a hyperactive troublemaker. (They call it ADHD or some such; that is so that they can push even fouler meds upon those moving to own beat.) I have slowed down a little since those times and developed a lot more patience regarding some things (but less for others. :/). I still read a lot though; something interesting to read can keep me occupied for hours. If I know something, I probably read it someplace.

On a more personal note... 

I am married and live with the wife and four rather irascible cats. (I consider them to be my children). For more information, feel free to vist the other pages I have constructed.