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About Me

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If you were ever punished for daydreaming or ostracized due to your wild imagination taking control at times, raise your hand! We are alike in that respect and maybe in other ways. I was reading before 3 and reading at an adult level by the age of 10 but everyone excels at something. I was often told that I would succeed at writing when pigs fly... except now I was wondering how that could be made possible...Hey! War Pigs!

I am a Cold War kid of the late Baby Boomer time (1962). My parents both loved books so that meant a lot of reading material was around. My parents were also very political minded. I was 9 when I read my first TIME Magazine and I watched the 1972 Olympics unfold. We had a television but our watching TV was always limited. In hindsight, that wasn't so much of a bad thing because we could read a lot more. Television watching was always a family affair when I was growing up (including Nixon's resignation) but enough of that. On to the next paragraph (which is the largest impetus for creating this website in the first place.)

When I was in high school, I fancied myself to be a writer but in hindsight, I really wasn't. I cringe at times at what I thought was superior output (which it wasn't) but how many decent writers immediately start producing superior content. Life happened so I set down my writing instruments and greeted new challenges.

That changed when I wasted some money on one of the Highlander sequels. In the midst of having this ripped off feeling, I said to myself 'I can write better than that!' This was in 2002. It was about a month later that I was staring at an empty page in my word processor. The hardest thing I have ever done regarding my writing was to put down that first word. Once that was done, the rest became (somewhat) easier. I was proud that I finished this novel (my first one completed) but more writing challenges awaited me. This was no time for me to rest on my laurels though I haven't looked back since typing that first word.

You now know that I am an author (always learning in this regard) but what sort of things do I write? My main focus is on Extrapolative or Science Fiction containing both soft and hard elements of the genre. My work is also grimdark (adult themed) and I hold no topic to be 'above the pen' so to speak. My quirky humor also may show its face while writing. I am a human being so I often find myself addressing the human condition. I don't limit my muse when I write; in addition to my main focus on writing (as stated earlier), I have an experimental Fantasy series, a Comic Book Hero/Villain contingent and even an idea for a humorous musical (rough drafted at this time)! I might forget to eat when I am hungry but I will never fail to feed my muse as needed.

All that I need to provide her with is raw material and that is what eventually becomes the stories I write. I have to temper my unbridled imagination with at least some grounding and I do this by what I call free thinking. When I am in this mode, no concept is out of bounds no matter how inane or extreme. Once potential story lines are generated, the grounding begins. Only the smallest fraction of free thinking generated ideas will become stories and only at their finish can I then reflect upon how a specific storyline came to be. I thought one day 'Instead of a human being seeing numbers, what if he could only see in numeric values'? That concept was touched on in 'The Matrix' but I turned the concept into a superset of that. After (a lot!) of grounding, the concept became the basis for my Diginoir Quadrilogy Series. In a somewhat similar vein, my free thinking about a dimensional rift in space became the Singularity Rift Series.

Well, what I have typed here should be sufficient for a bio; there is a lot more to see on this site. Have fun exploring and don't forget the links that are included!

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