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Anomaly Ascending

Anomaly Ascending

The passage of time is unnoticed by it as it appears and disappears at random but its existence will soon change. The rift was only the size of a sewing pin but then it materializes in the event horizon of a singularity (a black hole). It can't really be destroyed but it can be altered if conditions are extreme enough. It becomes curved in upon itself as it forms a Möbius Strip and begins accreting matter colliding with it. When it collides with the black hole, the explosion causes it to wink out of existence...

The Terra Sun Complex is yet another jewel in Los Angeles' business crown. It is the place to be seen if you are trending and also a place to drop a lot of money regardless of your social standing. No luxury or amenity is too much for the hordes of A-List personalities who come there to shop and socialize from the Gourmet Cooking School with its unrelenting Chef/Owner to accessories priced way beyond what the average person could afford. Even the elevator has been largely disguised to better blend in with the surroundings; its cutting edge graphene/carbon nanotube construction shields the elevator passengers from excessive noise as they are treated to a different artwork theme every week.

The Singularity Rift is disoriented at first due to the strange nature of its confinement but it has gained a base level sentience from... someplace. It (mistakenly) decides that the beings in this place have imprisoned it but it will have its revenge. It takes time for it to determine the boundaries of where it finds itself but it overcomes every obstacle in its way. It is unable to escape from the elevator shaft but it takes over the shaft, the elevator devices connected to it and all other accesses into the structure where it resides. There will be little warning as the thirty plus floors of luxury and bureaucracy become a scene of cross dimensional and cross time hell where (unfortunately) most any sort of reality becomes possible.... Soon, there will be no place to hide...

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