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Balance and Shadow

Balance and Shadow

…"There are no kings and queens; no quests to be undertaken and no princesses hand to win in marriage. The only quest is simply to stay alive only until you are dead…and hopefully no longer."

In perhaps another time, the Spiritlands would have been a thriving place to live with its massive sward and room for many but it was not to be. As an aftermath of the Spirit War,the dead exist with the living, the Gods still tamper with the land, and there is now too much power loose in the lands versus a paucity. Only in places with sufficient numbers can the hordes be held at bay, but such vigilance comes at a very high cost...

Djoggi was said to be a boisterous and humorous God who created the Racekind largely for his amusement...

Ymarrh was a Goddess as capricious as she was joyful, apologetic at times but always causing discord...

D'aeleth was a cold and dour God who was satisfied with his cold and foreboding demesne...but there was Ymarrh...

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