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The Diginoir Quadrilogy

Digit Eyes

GENRE: Extrapolative Fiction, Science Fiction.

It is something built into human nature that makes us strive to know the unknown, to seek more answers after questions have been addressed and to try and better ourselves any way that we can...

here are boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, though. While a lot of medical knoiwledge was gained by Dr. Josef Mengele, its cost in human suffering and degradation was too high of a price to be paid. Ethics must go hand in hand with experimentation if a stable mental status quo is to be maintained...

SWR stands for Science Without Restrictions and they aren't concerned with ethics... only results. If multiple deaths or genetic monstrosities are created along the way there is containment fo rthe latter and an incinerator for the former. With a bountiful supply of financing behind their work, SWR will go wherever there may be profit to be had...

Project Vision has been nothing but a money pit so far but failures gain more attention than successes at SWR (A legitimate front company deals with the successful products of experimentation.) A SWR Director has been given a memo to make Project Vision a success...or else and some simple rethinking comes up with a possible solution... but no ethics or failsafes are involved...Read more

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