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Digit Eyes

Digit Eyes

Welcome to one person's personal hell along with a vision of just how malevolent the dark side of humanity can be...

Isaiah Roberts is your average twenty five year old making his way as best as he can in the world considering his liabilities. Though his hairstyle is as out of date as his second hand clothing is worn, that is not the primary concern of the profoundly blind. It takes a lot of effort to navigate the hostile world where he resides and to avoid the human vermin waiting at every turn but survival is all that matters.

Though most would call Josef Mengele a monster, SWR reveres him as a visionary. Scientific research free of the disease of religion or the cowardice of politics is all that concerns them. To SWR, results are all that count; the piles of dead from experimentation along with the collection of genetic obscenities that must be kept locked away are no more to them but the cost of doing business. An incinerator deals with the dead while cells deal with the rest. Simon is a member of the SWR Committee and only the most ruthless ever gain that position. Simon treats all defiance as disrespect and deals with it in a very harsh manner. To date, Project Vision has been a spectacular....failure, but the SWR Committee still thinks it is a viable pursuit with a proper candidate. All they need is the right test subject...

When cutting edge surgical procedures are performed with no oversight, disavowing anything that might interfere with the process can have serious repercussions and the results driven approach of SWR almost guarantees such a thing will happen. Only the general health of Isaiah Roberts is taken into account without any further testing. There is an aberrant loopback process going on in Isaiah's forebrain which isn't really abnormal in itself, but that ceases to be the case when some unwelcome disruption occurs...Read more