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Fractured Land, Fetzig Leute

Fractured Land, Fetzig Leute

There are some who call a journey over the Shells a dead man's walk while there are others who say nothing is alive on the other side…unfortunately they are wrong on both counts…

To its bitter end, the Groom Lake/Area 51 complex has held its secrets from prying eyes...until now..

Though Evil has survived the predations of the cVc, travelling the wastelands no longer involves just him and a burwar. A gendog trails at his heel and he has a woman by his side. Many of his paradigms have had to be rebuilt but Evil's dynamic mindset serves him well in this present day. When the airport Jheriam had used to travel here is found to be overrun with mutant filth, there is only one path that can be taken so that Jheriam can make it home.

While crossing the Shells is basically only a physical act, what awaits on the other side is anyone's guess. Though Evil and those with him survive the crossing, the aftermath results in even more change. Life and settlements do exist on the other side of the Shells but things there are even more disruptive and disturbing than back east. In between the realization that human beings were responsible for a lot of the mutant filth walking the land and a former gambling mecca that has become a lawless armed encampment, the desert turns out to be a welcome place despite the warnings on the signs...

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