I have been selling things online since 1998 or so and while some things have changed (I no longer sell on Ebay), I still am in the game. Here is where I currently sell:



Here is where I sell various things. I never know what I will find and that is what makes selling on here so interesting.It is best to check back here often for what new things I have posted for sale.Mercari Store


This is a more recent addition regarding places I sell things. Grailed is the largest online market for men's and women's clothing and accessories. On here I have men's and women's jackets (Mostly Leather), women's purses and (Coming Soon!) men's and women's watches.Grailed Store

Shopify (Coming Soon!)

Due in part to another E-Commerce platform not doing well, I will eventually have a Shopify store open for business. I expect to be selling much the same as I do on Mercari but I am going to do more research before I pony up the needed funds.Shopify Store