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My Other Works

It is always wise to heed your muse for what would you be without her to inspire you? While my main focus is novel writing, that is by no means all that I create. I have a novella, a Fan Fiction novel, Comic Book Ideas and even a Musical in the works! If such as this interests you, feel free to follow what links that are present!


I consider this to be a novella versus a novel and it is priced accordingly. Depending on your situation, Earth in 2090 could be a utopia or dystopia. If you are a Normal, you get free necessities and too much free time... but if you are part of the HumaNet, things are better indeed...Read More

Highlander: A King's Justice

This is a full length novel based on the characters originally from Gregory Widen. This was my first completed novel and since I couldn't sell it, i decided to put it up on a Fan Fiction site. I made a book cover for it and re-edited the chapters for grammar and readability. The rules of immortal combat are a tradition but lies circulated around enoguh can often simulate the truth...Read More

The View Through The Mirror

When my niece wasn't happy that she wouldn't look like a Barbie Doll when older, I wrote out the rough draft for this between phone calls at my workplace at the time. This story is suitable for all ages and like my Highlander novel, it is free to read. Here

The Daneteren

An adult themed Comic Book series Coming Soon!

Do you know who we are? I doubt it. You know who the winners and losers are, those that came in first and those that came in last... but how about the one who came in second to last? You aren't allowed to remember us because that could cause us to be empowered. We get B's for school work, we will never manage anything and even if we were in the spotlight, our successes would be ignored and our failures would be magnified. You are easily accepted in the midst of things but we are only barely tolerated on our best days and we live on the border edge of life. We are inconsequential, unimportant and of no significance but still we struggle to remain relevant. Some of you might feel like that at times but we LIVE this existence every day. In spite of you, some of us heve become empowered and you should be thankful that we don't prey on you as a result. We would also make poor criminals for the aforementioned reasons so I guess we will protect instead of destroy. Don't expect us to idolate you because we despise you and that will probably never change. We are the Border People... the Daoine Teorann. THE DANETEREN

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