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This is what you think it is. Over the years I have found a lot of interesting websites so I decided to share some of them here.

My E-Commerce Sites

One of the first things I sold online was a Music Box playing 'Edelweiss' and that was in 1999. I might not have racked up some fearsome sale stats but I do what I can. I am done with EBay after not being treated kindly by them so I currently am set up on Mercari and I have my own store on ECrater. I don't deal in one specific item; I list whatever I think I can sell. Follow the links below to see what I have to offer!

The Den Of Antiquities


My News Sources

Don't look for the Big Three here because I have decided that they can't even tell you what is happening anymore unless there is massive bias involved. If you need the news to tell you more than what happened, then you aren't doing your homework. The newspapper links are for catching up on generic news; they haven't devolved towards pathological lying... yet.

The Foreign Desk

The Cato Institute




Citizens Against Government Waste

Los Angeles Times (Online Feed)

Seattle Times (Online Feed)

New York Post (Online Feed)

Forum Based News Feed (Multi-Source)

Neat Programs

As I have wandered across the internet, I have found more than one useful program out there at little or no cost. Open Source software still remains the property of its originator but costs no money to procure and use. The code for the program can be freely modified as needed. Note: These links are for more esoteric programs versus things like basic graphics editors (A lot of those programs now exist; too many to list here).

Multifunction Calculator

Source Forge (Centralized Open Source Software)

Dual Panel Windows Explorer Replacement

64 bit torrent client

Open Source PDF/CBZ Reader

Alternative Windows Desktop

Web Browser with Tracking Protection

Internal File Searching Utility

Do you have a link that you would like to add to this? let me know and we can talk.

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