To only having no or just one thing going on would be boring! This is where I converse about things I am doing that interest me.    

Nursing Home: The Musical (Poo-sical) 

Welcome to Oceanside Acres! This is the home for your loved ones who need some extra care! Have you ever wondered about what happens behind the unified front you normally see in a place like this? This isn't for the kiddies but between John Phillip Sousa interpreted in a crass manner, Robot Nursing Assistants, singing Alzheimer's Residents and Dueling Penises, you will still be laughing long after the movie ends!. STATUS: Initial story has been rough drafted; awaiting refinement and revisions.

The Daneteren: Defenders of L.A.

In a world much like our own, there are normal people and non powered people in garish costumes that you will see helping out at the Soup Kitchens. That is the paradigm and many people here enforce that with a vengeance. (But almost as many don't have an ossified paradigm and can grasp matters that seem illogical). Sequestration Services do exist but they are part of standard Law Enforcement contingents and considered Gray Assets. (Acknowledged if needed but not publicized.) The matter of some people actually having powers has largely been shoved under a rug but a saturation point is being reached. It is the urban areas where the cracks start to appear. Someone has burned out the higher functions of a pedovore and a jetliner that should have crashed and burned was brought down in one piece. Despite opposition, a group of these people have taken it upon themselves to defend Los Angeles when needed. They are not altruistic despite their actions; criminals have to win sometimes but that is a level of empowerment these border dwellers will never attain... but someone has to protect the normals even if they rarely appreciate it. STATUS: I know my limitations. I can write copy and craft backstories at the drop of a hat. I may try an AI Engine to see if I can turn my words into pictures of my (usually) good people and (mostly) bad people. At some point I might look for an Inker/Artist.

The Diginoir Quadrilogy Volume Four: Diginoir 

As I have stated before, I write novels in my spare time. I have 11 of my own independently published to date and I am at work on number 12 as I speak. The core of the story involves illegal experimentation in order to give a profoundly blind male artificial sight.It doesn't happen overnight but the experiment succeeds. It is a bane of humankind to tamper with things without a proper knowledge baseline and this is no different. The person that now has sight deals with an aberrancy using logical numbering schema but left to its own devices, IT (A portion of forebrain that now has visual input) learns at the speed of synapse.IT has to categorize all that it sees but once done, IT never forgets the information. The newly sighted protagonist only wants to be free but those who gave him his sight consider him to be their property. If it was only this person and the corporation that gave him sight, things would be pretty simple... but IT also exists and will not suffer ANY constraint. On Sesame Street, they are teaching those watching the concept of zero. Once IT has been antagonized enough, IT retaliates with an unseen level of horror... "If he can see you, then it is too late to run."