Here is something else I intend to get going in 2023. I spend a lot of time on my workstation so why not use it to make some extra money? 

Editing - Copy Editing - Proofreading

You are at the point where you have finished several rough drafts and all you now need are the finishing touches before what you have written goes out into the turgid and noisy world. Why not let me be part of that process? I have been reading since I was 2two and I enjoy the written word! I am a native American English speaker so I am familiar with both the vernacular and the structure. If I go to work for you, I will read what you have written versus using a spell checker (The only real way to catch mistakes and preserve the content.). Whether it is a term paper, website copy or a full story, I stand ready to make your work shine!

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Logo Design

Perhaps you have a desirable product to sell or you are making your first foray into the business world but let's face it. Your logo defines your business and is integral to advertising what you have and if your logo doesn't hit the mark... your product might not either. Let me put my creative skills to work in that regard. I will strive to understand your business as I create a logo you can use to signify your intetnt. Below are two such concepts (Both are for sale).

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NFT's (Coming Soon!)

Non Fungible Tokens are a merging of artistry with Crypto Currency. Designers can earn Crypto in exchange for unique pieces of Digital Art and if the NFT is resold, the artist can earn royalties on the sale. I had no problem understanding the concept so I decided I would create some of my own NFT's for sale. They will range from very abstract to grayscale iterations of any Daneteren artwork I create. As for pricing, I haven't gotten that far yet (Though I have several NFT's ready for minting.)

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