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The Spiritlands

Balance and Shadow
The Degradation of Balance

GENRE: Experimental Fantasy; Swords and Sorcery.

As destructive as the Spirit War was, it was by no means the end of an undecided matter; it will only be a matter of time until forces once more clash again to decide who...or what will gain the lands for their own use. The gods still meddle in matters despite the misery of racekind, always seeking a balance or a way to upset it, but racekind only seeks an end to their suffering in life as well as in death. The dead exist with the living because they have nowhere to go. The balance may be upset once again as forgotten power of past workings of the Gods becomes known to Racekind and D'aeleth Spawn alike, but greedy Dwargen, suicidal Aelfen and doom laden humans may be no match for what is coming...Does a mortal dare challenge the Gods...only time will tell...Read more

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