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The Twisted Earth

And Pestilence of Gods
They Call Me Evil
Fractured Land, Fetzig Leute
Bane of The Revenant

GENRE: Science Fiction, Post Holocaust Fiction.

Welcome to the twisted earth that arises from the wreckage of a global war, a place where the modern exists with the anachronistic, where fiction is dogmatic fact, and where facts are often disavowed with a vengeance. The Chusann Empire is a product of the new reality versus an exception. The Chusanns strive to gain the fabled place of Hyannisport to gain the favor of thier gods...

It starts with a chance meeting between two couples; while the Eagleton’s are of high society, the Schwerin’s are lower class workers. They are of little consequence though in the scheme of things; it is their sons who define this tale. Both sons will eventually seek freedom from the lot they have been given in life, but divergence now occurs due to their vastly different perspectives and economic standing.Read more

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